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Signs of Low Milk Supply

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

What are possible signs of a low milk supply?

  • Your baby is not gaining enough weight. It's expected that newborns lose weight in the first few days of life (about 8-10% of their birth weight). They should start to gain weight around day 5 and be back at their birth weight by 10-14 days old. After that expect a your infant to gain an average of 5-7oz a week for the first 4 months.

  • Your baby has low "output". Output equals input, the more in the more out. By day 5 of life your newborn should have 6 or more wet diapers and 3 or more poopy diapers (anything larger than a quarter counts). A breastfed infant over 1 month may poop less but the poop should be soft and slightly runny.

  • Your breasts feel full at the end of a feeding. As milk is removed during a feeding it will cause your breast to feel soft.

  • Your baby is not relaxed after feeding. Your baby's eyes, hands and forehead should be relaxed at the end of a feeding. They often fall asleep at the end of a feeing as well.

  • You can't see or hear your baby swallowing. Your baby's swallowing may not be very loud (take a sip and listen to yourself swallow). Watch and listen carefully after serval sucks as your baby takes a pause.

What should I do if I have concerns about my milk supply? Contact an IBCLC right away! We can help you identify a low supply and possible causes. Together we can create a personalized plan to help increase your supply and ensure your infant is fed.

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