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Do I need a lactation consult from an IBCLC?

Do I need to see an IBCLC?

If you are a new or expecting parent then YES!

If you are currently expecting, an IBCLC can help you prepare for feeding your infant(s). Whether that is at the breast, chest, or from a bottle. We can educate you on when to feed your baby, show you how to feed, how tell they are getting enough and how to avoid common feeding difficulties.

If your baby has already arrived then an IBCLC can help you navigate common concerns like low milk supply, painful breastfeeding, how to express human milk or pump, clogged ducts or mastitis. We work as an allied health professional and can refer you to another professional if additional medical care is needed.

As an IBCLC I can address your personal feeding concerns, questions and develop a care plan that meets your needs. Book a one on one consult today!

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