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Lactation and Infant Feeding Services

We provide support by coming to your home or virtually via telehealth. 

Enjoy personalized care from the comfort of your home, no driving, and no waiting rooms!


Prices listed below are self-pay rates and are HSA/FSA-eligible expenses. 

You may be eligible to get your lactation consultations covered by insurance!


In-Home: $195/Telehealth: $129


✅ Comprehensive health history review

✅ Goal setting for your unique journey

✅ Access to exclusive resources

✅  2 Weeks of continuous messaging support via secure messaging 


 Initial Postpartum 

In-Home: $249/Telehealth: $155

    ✅ In-depth health history assessment
   ✅ Observation/Assessment of feeding or pumping session
    ✅ Pre and Post feeding weight check
   ✅ Customized care plan tailored to your needs
   ✅ 2 Weeks of continuous messaging support via secure messaging 



In-Home: $195/Telehealth: $129

✅ For current clients only

✅ Continue working on your goals

✅ Extended 2 weeks of continuous messaging support via secure messaging 

Pumping and Back to Work Planning

In-Home: $229/Telehealth: $129

✅ Pump set-up, demo & flange fitting

✅ Tailored plan to fit your unique needs

✅ Expert guidance for effective pumping

✅2 Weeks of unlimited follow-up via secure messaging


Bottle SkilLs

In-Home: $249/Telehealth: $155

✅ Tailored for you and your baby bottle challenge

✅ Customized care plan that includes oral exercises

✅ 2 Weeks of unlimited support via secure messaging 


Starting Complimentary Foods or Weaning 

In-Home: $229/Telehealth: $129

✅ Personalized for you and your baby

✅ Expert guidance on

solid food introduction 

✅ Includes customized care Plan

and resources  

✅ 2 Weeks of Unlimited Support Via Secure Messaging 


We will provide a superbill after your appointment for you to submit for possible reimbursement from your insurance company. While reimbursement is mandated for lactation support for most plans under the Affordable Care Act, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.


*Additional fee for multiples: $50/baby for each visit type

There may be additional travel fees per visit for your location. Please text us at 469-225-3938 for details.

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